Hello! Welcome to BingeBing 😊

I am Bing Wei, an avid eater and serious amateur.

Both my grandmothers are amazing cooks. In fact, they are my favourite chefs in the world! Even when they cook the same dish, their respective heritage and influences make their dishes taste so distinctly marvellous. Of course, whenever they individually ask me whose is nicer, I will surely smile and say that theirs is best. Through being pampered with the foods by these two very esteemed chefs, I gradually developed my taste buds for critique and comparison.

My family inspires the direction I wish to take this blog. Daddy is particular about the overall dining experience – he is easily bored, and seldom satisfied. Mummy has a wealth of knowledge and a great respect for produce, both fresh and dried.

Being born in Singapore, I had the privilege to explore the rich heritage and diverse styles of Asian cuisine. I love Teochew Braised Meats, Sushi, Ganjang Gejang – the list goes on and on. I actively browse food blogs and I get carried away just scouring for what to try next.

Now that I am studying in London, it is as though the entrance to many of the best European cuisines are right on my doorstep. This continual journey in search of good food is an absolute pleasure, and I hope BingeBing will be my little contribution. My goal is not for BingeBing to be a food review site – I only wish to write about food that I truly enjoy. As such, each restaurant I write about shares a memorable dining experience and comes as a personal recommendation.

Through this process, I take my writing as a reflection from which I draw learning experiences. I hope to develop my palate to be more rigorous and to broaden my knowledge of food.

Toh Bing Wei

Gérard Perse Chateau Pavie