Tou Tou Koi 陶陶居 | Fresh Seafood in Macau

With the recent opening of the HKZM bridge, we wanted to try out this “world’s longest sea crossing” which connects Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau. We thus arranged for a trip to Macau, but with only one day to spare, we had to be selective about where to have our meals on this short trip. Macau, known as the gambling capital of Asia, is famous for its glitz and glamour. The major casino operations in Macau attract wealthy tourists from all over the world to visit and try their luck. With the vast amounts of tourists attracted to this former colony of the Portuguese empire, Macau has developed its culinary scene with outposts of international celebrity chefs and local fine dining restaurants. Tou Tou Koi is one such local restaurant, always packed with customers looking for some of the best seafood in Macau.

Tou Tou Koi, with its 80 years of history, is the grand daddy of Cantonese restaurants in Macau. As with Cantonese cuisine, emphasis is placed on elevating the taste of the freshest ingredients. Tou Tou Koi aptly offers an extensive selection of fresh seafood available live in its tanks on the ground floor. Having been renovated, the restaurant looks more polished than before, but still retains its charm with its team of chatty staff delivering swift service.

fresh seafood tanks at tou tou koi

With a wide range of live seafood extending from Alaskan crabs to Thai mantis shrimps to Scottish clams, anyone will be spoilt for choice. It was our first dinner in Macau and we were not planning to miss out on what were the best catches of the day.

fresh alaskan king crab live
live mantis prawn fresh seafood

Fresh Seafood Done Right

The main highlight of the night was this Alaskan crab done two ways which came highly recommended. The Alaskan crab legs were simply served steamed and really, that was all it required. The steaming of the crab legs was done just right, the flesh was juicy and tasted of the pristine sea. A vinegar-garlic dip was offered on the side, which does taste good in combination, but was not necessary. Always good to have options anyway!

alaskan king crab legs steamed

The star was what then followed, Alaskan king crab cooked in a sea urchin sauce and tossed with e-mian. I vividly recall the delectable sauce with only hints of sea urchin, thus not being overbearing on the subtle flavours of the king crab.

alaskan king crab e mian in sea urchin sauce
steamed bamboo clam tou tou koi
steamed scallops cantonese restaurant tou tou koi

Scottish bamboo clams and fan-scallops were served steamed with garlic and vermicelli. A classic of Cantonese-style seafood restaurants, such dishes are always good.  Delicious yes, but what was even more remarkable was the delightful springiness with each bite.

Following which was another Cantonese classic, because what is a visit to a Cantonese restaurant without a Cantonese-style steamed fish? For that day, the Leopard coral grouper came recommended.

cantonese style steamed leopard coral grouper at tou tou koi

With our last dish, it was time to get our hands dirty again as we were presented the mantis prawns in salt and pepper. The service staff attentively helped to remove the shells, making them easier to eat. Still, the best way to enjoy these mantis prawns was to get your hands dirty and breaking in the bits where you can taste the sweetness. Topped with the fragrant garlic crumbs and seasoned just right with salt and pepper, this was delicious.

deshelling alt and pepper mantis prawn at tou tou koi
Fresh steamed fish leopard coral grouper cantonese style
salt and pepper mantis prawn at tou tou koi
tou tou koi wine
tou tou koi restaurant macau