Mimi Myeonga (미미면가) | Sea Urchin Soba in Seoul

Mimi Myeonga (미미면가) is a soba specialty restaurant in Gangnam. Located close to the trendy Garosugil, Mimi Myeonga brings innovative approaches to traditional soba noodles. This cosy noodle bar is famous for its buckwheat noodles presented in soup, and offers diverse topping choices including sea urchin, mackerel, beef, as well as prawn (both raw and deep fried). Mimi Myeonga’s soba are made with one-part buckwheat to three-parts wheat to best present the delicate buckwheat flavours while maintaining the noodle’s characteristically bouncy texture. A simple yet delicious meal, Mimi Myeonga is listed in the Michelin Guide 2018.

Knowing that Mimi Myeonga is an especially popular restaurant, we made it a point to arrive early to avoid the snaking queue. Yet even though we reached before lunch time on a weekday, the restaurant was already filled and a line had formed. It was a 30 minute wait for us (though it felt like forever under the hot sun), and we were given a menu to pre-order.

Mimi Myeonga Exterior 미미면가
Mimi Myeonga Restaurant Interior 미미면가

Mimi Myeonga is a small restaurant and adorning the walls are their many media features. Mimi Myeonga is not so much a restaurant to relax and take your time at, but rather gives off a strongly “efficient” vibe; we were additionally informed that each meal seating is 30 minutes.

Soba at Mimi Myeonga 미미면가

We ordered a trio of sobas – one shrimp, one conger, and of course one of their famous sea urchin sobas. Of these 3, we had 2 cold sobas and chose to have only the conger soba served warm.

Conger soba at Mimi Myeonga

The conger soba came with a huge piece of fried conger, even larger than the bowl itself. The flesh was soft and delicate.

Prawn soba at mimi myeonga

The prawn soba came with two plump pieces of prawns, juicy and coated in a delightfully crunchy batter.

Uni Soba at Mimi Myeonga 미미면가

The Sea Urchin Soba is the real star and stole all our hearts. The soba broth, with its slight salty tinge, allowed the sweet and rich sea urchin to take centre stage. Each piece of urchin was creamy and rich, complementing well with the mild tasting soba broth. As you tuck in, the sea urchin melts in your mouth, adding its own rich flavours and creamy texture to the soba noodles. The sea urchin soba not just tastes good but looks amazing as well. If you are a fan of sea urchin, the sea urchin soba at Mimi Myeonga is a must order.

At Mimi Myeonga, the noodles are thin, chewy, and highly satisfying. The broth was delicately salty, coating each strand of soba noodles with flavour. The cold soba comes with a lighter broth, and for me, the cold soba is better than its warm counterpart – especially on a warm summer’s day.

Clearly, having fried food as a topping on soup noodles would represent confidence in their frying abilities. In addition to the sobas, we had fried burdock and a fried lotus root stuffed with prawn filling.

Fried Burdock at Mimi Myeonga

Fried Burdock

미미면가 Mimi Myeonga Fried Lotus root with Shrimp

Fried Lotus Root with Shrimp filling

Fried Lotus Root with Shrimp filling at Mimi Myeonga

This lotus root with prawn filling especially stood out. The batter was especially thin, yet well coating the crunchy lotus root which encases the sweet prawn filling.

Mimi Myeonga Persimmon Dessert

Dessert was this assembly of persimmon, cream cheese, cashew nuts, and raisins. It was the only dessert available that day, but nicely ends off the meal with a subtle sweet note.

After this simple but delicious meal, we walked to Sona Café just nearby for more desserts.

미미면가 Mimi Myeonga Michelin Guide 2018


Tel: 070-4211-5466
Address: 서울 강남구 강남대로160길 29