North Sea Fish Restaurant | Since its National Fish & Chip Day!

“Name me a quintessentially British dish” and many will first think of Fish & Chips. I know my parents do (as do many of my friends) - among the list of “touristy things to do in London”, having Fish & Chips is notably one of them.

Earlier this year, I went with a friend to visit what was recommended as one of London’s best joints but left disappointed by the mediocre food served (maybe it was a bad day). She wasn’t going to have one disappointing experience shape her entire impression, thus we arranged to have Fish & Chips the following day as well. This time, at North Sea Fish Restaurant and that place turned out to be a gem.

Since then, I have brought family and friends for hearty Fish & Chips countless times. With the UK’s National Fish & Chip Day on 1st June 2018, this post will be a celebration for one of the most British of British foods, which I have grown to love.

North Sea Fish Shopfront
North Sea Fish Restaurant Fish Interior
North Sea Fish Restaurant Interior Seating Area

North Sea Fish Restaurant started as a humble takeaway Fish & Chips shop, but it has since expanded to include a charming restaurant as well. The interior is beautiful and comfortable, with my favourite seats being the bench in the corner, between the bar counter and the fish tank. North Sea Fish Restaurant is family-run, and the service staff are always warm and jovial. Interior is dark-wood with warm hues – in contrast to the typically chaotic and rushed Fish & Chip joints, North Sea Fish Restaurant is a place where you can relax and enjoy a meal over conversation. Consistently serving delicious Fish & Chips, the North Sea Fish Restaurant has over the years built a reputation for itself and is a landmark London Taxi Drivers must know as they study “The Knowledge”, the infamously rigorous test required to be a taxicab driver in London.

North Sea Fish Restaurant Fried Cod Roe

Deep Fried Cod Roe – this looks like the typical fishcake, until you slice it and notice the tiny granules of cod egg. The deep fried cod roe tastes quite unlike anything else and gets better with every bite.

North Sea Fish Restaurant hand dived scallops in a creamy shallot sauce

Hand Dived Scallops in a Creamy Shallot Sauce

North Sea Fish Restaurant Deep Fried Brie, served with redcurrent sauce

Deep Fried Brie is one of the best dishes they serve here – I always order it when I dine at the North Sea Fish Restaurant. It is coated in a light batter and has a gooey core. Pair it with the redcurrant sauce, which adds sweetness & tart and it will be perfect.

North Sea Fish Restaurant Deep Fried Brie
North Sea Fish Restaurant Fish for Thought

North Sea Fish Restaurant has over ten varieties of fishes delivered daily, and they have a laminated sheet (titled “fish for thought) explaining the characteristic taste of each kind. I typically stick to the classic cod fish and chips, but the others (can also be served grilled) are great too.

North Sea Fish Restaurant Cod Fish and Chips

Crispy Cod and fluffy golden chips – the perfect combination!

North Sea Fish Crispy Cod Fish and Chips

For 2 people, ordering a few of North Sea Fish Restaurant’s delicious appetisers and then a “jumbo” serving of Fish & Chips to portion and share will be just perfect. The flesh is beautifully smooth and juicy, yet firm enough to hold the shape well when cut. The soft flaky flesh covered in its crispy golden-red exterior makes this Fish & Chips a comforting dish that many people enjoy.  The restaurant’s tartar sauce is heavier and richer than most though. I quite like it, but I can imagine some people won’t.

While Fish & Chips is historically recorded to have originated 150 years ago, the dish is still immensely popular as an iconic British comfort food. Be it dining at a restaurant by the beach, while lazing in the park, or as fast food on a busy day, Fish & Chips is a classic go-to dish for many people in the UK, and I can imagine form a part of many of their fondest memories.

I’m not sure if North Sea Fish Restaurant is the best, but for its price, taste, quality, and location, I am a happy returning customer.

You “batter” try it too!

North Sea Fish Restaurant

7/8 Leigh Street, London, WC1H 9EW
Tel: 0207 387 5892