Majang Meat Market (마장 축산물시장) | 한우 Hanwoo BBQ?!

Noryangjin Fish Market attracts hordes of tourists every year, and is consistently a highlight for many people visiting Seoul. Having enjoyed my experiences there, I went on a search for something similar – to buy high quality but wholesale, and then have them cooked on the spot. For the foods of the sea we have the market at Noryangjin, and for the foods of the land there is the equally fantastic, yet relatively unknown market at Majang (마장).

Entrance to Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

As a meat market, what else to better welcome you than a greeting cow and pig?

Majang Meat Market is the largest meat market in Korea, and boasts that it sells fresh meat arriving every hour from all over the world. Of course, many come here for Hanwoo 한우. This cattle is native to Korea – it is a source of national pride and is regarded amongst locals as the premier beef.

Majang Meat Market buying meat

Majang Meat Market is the real deal – meats hang from everywhere. Actually, not just meat because we also saw loads of intestines, lung, heart, stomach, and uhm…. Wind pipe? How do you even eat wind pipe? Someone please enlighten me.

Expectedly, this place also smells like a meat market. So be prepared for that.

assorted cuts at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

The Majang Meat Market works like this – you first head to the stalls to buy whatever beef or pork you fancy. Then, you can get referred to a restaurant where you will have your BBQ party.

You can choose to order part by part, or just go along with a platter. Prices are overtly displayed, but that doesn’t mean that they’re non-negotiable! Beyond talking prices, you can also ask the store owners for more meat. They’ll throw some in.

Hanwoo Korean beef platter at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea
Korean bbq at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Restaurants are typically on the second floor, above the stores where you buy meat from. For about 5,000KRW per pax, you get your banchan, salad, and the barbeque necessities.

Cooking Hanwoo Beef at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea
Cooked Hanwoo Korean beef at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Upon hitting the grill, the beef sizzles and gives off a heavenly aroma. I was already excited to have a taste, but the smell took this anticipation to a whole new level.

This simple cooking is the perfect way to taste their brilliance, look at these nuggets just glowing under natural light. First savour them on their own, then try another bite with a dab of salt. The texture is beautiful, they cut like butter and melt in your mouth.

Being well marbled, I would expect that Hanwoo 한우 might not be suitable for the BBQ flame. Since the oil might lead to a messy fire that will spoil the cooking. Remarkably that didn’t happen, perhaps this was already thought through in the grill’s design.

One issue though – the previous time we visited, eating too much beef became cloying. My mum had a fantastic idea. This time, she brought some Korean fruits to go along with our meats. The restaurant staff were happy to help wash and cut them.

Cut fruits pears and strawberries at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Strawberries and Pear.

Pork tenderloin for bbq at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Pork tenderloin. We got some pork too for variety.

Beef on bbq at Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Majang Meat Market is a great place to taste Hanwoo 한우 and have fun while doing it. I love Korean BBQ for how social an activity it is – it is always filled with interaction and plenty of laughter.

Although the beef was delicious, it is surely not the best. Firstly, famous restaurants probably have first dibs on the best beef. Secondly (also, more importantly), how can my grilling skills compare?

I will never forget my first bite of Hanwoo 한우 at Mingles.

Beautiful Stream scenery near Majang Meat Market Seoul South Korea

Post lunch, we took a short walk around the area. We strolled along the Cheonggye Stream (청계천), which was beautiful.

Ahhh, I love Korea. 😊

Majang Meat Market 마장 축산물시장

Address: 40, Majang-ro 31-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 성동구 마장로31길 40 (마장동)