1. Tell me more about yourself!

I am Bing Wei, studying in the London and coming from Singapore. Born in 1996, so count my age yourself.

2. Most memorable dining experience?

At an ochaya in Kyoto. It was an intimate family dinner, accompanied by 2 Geikos and a Maiko.  They danced, strummed music, played games, and made us feel like the most important people in the world.

I am most impressed by how they were always in control of the hospitality, despite our bursts of spontaneity. Being a Geiko is truly an art, and such a precious part of Japanese culture.

The one in yellow is a Maiko (an apprentice Geiko). She is the same age as me (at that point 19), but she has already been training for 5 years!

3. If you can eat only one last dish……

It must be something extra special.. I want to have the perfect sea urchin.

I haven’t had a perfect piece yet, but I have dreamt about it!!! It will be a beautiful cadmium yellow, sweet, and absolutely rich.

4. How do I contact you?

Hit me up at bing.wei@live.com, or instagram @bwtoh

5. Why did you eat your homework?

Because I thought it was a piece of cake. ☆(❁‿❁)☆