Sona Dessert Cafe 소나 | Champagne Sugar Ball

Sona (소나) is a dessert café located in Gangnam and is famous for their beautiful sweet treats. With the many restaurants and eateries in this area, a dessert café like Sona is a great addition to the neighbourhood. Located on the second floor of a side road, Sona is well-hidden from the busy garosugil shopping street but is a convenient rest point after a full day of shopping.

Following a delightful meal at Mimi Myeonga, we stopped by Sona to have some desserts. Sona offers an extensive dessert menu, showcasing their well-loved classics and some seasonal items. As each dessert was brought out, the pastry chef presented and explained the creation. To go with their desserts, Sona also offer coffees, teas, alcoholic beverages, and some special house made options. Sona’s cakes are pretty, and some of their drinks are equally beautiful.

Vacherin Dessert Raspberry Sorbet Vanilla Ice Cream

Vacherin – Presented like an entremet, encased in the Chantilly Cream Frosting are distinct layers of Raspberry Sorbet and Vanilla Ice Cream. Served with Dried Yogurt Meringue Sticks and sprinkled with Raspberry Meringue Powder.

Sona Cafe Rose Summer Fruit Cake
Sona Cafe Vacherin Dessert
Sona Cafe Rose Scented Chantilly Cream Hazelnut Dacquoises

Rose Summer Fruit Cake – With a base alternating between layers of Hazelnut Dacquoise, Rose Scented Chantilly Cream and a Watermelon Slice, this Summer cake is topped with crushed roasted pistachios and rose essence infused seasonal fruits including blueberries, grapes, and cherries (amongst others).

Champagne Sugar Ball at Sona Gangnam Garosugil

Champagne Sugar Ball – Undoubtedly Sona’s most recognised dessert, this champagne sugar ball makes a frequent feature on social media. This beautiful handcrafted sugar ball contains within edible flowers, champagne foam, strawberry panna cotta, and fresh strawberry slices. The bauble lies on a bed of cheese cake snow. Dramatically smashing through the thin sugar exterior is fun, although it takes very little force and I severely underestimated my strength.

Sona Cafe Champagne Sugar Ball
Sona Cafe Interior

소나 Sona

Address: 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 162길 40 201호
#201 40, Gangnam-daero 162-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Tel: 02-515-3246